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tv   Eyewitness News Daybreak 500A  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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process of notifying the family. channel 9 was here shortly after 2:30 after this hit-and-run. this fatal hit-and-run. police say the victim was likely walking in or along central avenue when this accident happened and the car fled the scene. you can actually see car parts still out here on central avenue this morning. i have also learned that there is a second scene right now where police are investigating and taking a look at the possible suspect's vehicle. we have not gotten a description of the car but police say this may be the car involved in this wreck. now, we'll stay out here throughout the morning and try to find out more information. in the meantime, you can see right now that the crime scene techs are still trying to recreate the accident. i talked to police about half hour ago and they told me that the road may be closed for another hour. this is on central avenue between rose haven and north sharon amity. we'll head over to traffic team nine mark taylor who will give us a way around the accident. >> for at least the next hour,
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closed on central, just up from sharon amity heading up towards rose haven. you have to take central towards albemarle road. you can jump on independence boulevard heading inbound. traffic is in good shape for the major thoroughfair. if you're head through matthews towards 277 it will 14 minutes. weather pattern a windy start. 51 in charlotte. 52 concord and salisbury and in the mountains we're in the 50s. it is breezy. the southwest winds will be with us all day today and will keep our temperatures on the warm side as we work through this morning, lots of sunshine, not too chilly. mid to upper 50s are in place by nine. the high is not far from 70 degrees. going to be a gorgeous day. i'll show you on the futurecast how in the mountains we may see a small rain chance coming in for awhile as a weak cold front
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we're staying on top of breaking news in cleveland county. >> three people are in the hospital after a crash and massive explosion in fullston early this morning. joe, we can see behind you. debris is wrfrp. >> it is completely surround me. you can see damage hanging from the tree feet away from me you can see where the bathtub used to be and the truck that police say the driver was in that caused all of this mess. the driver of this truck swerved out of a lane, around the curve and lost control. he struck the home and a large propane tank that then exploded the daniel used to be a one story home but there were two people inside. they're in the hospital with serious injuries. . the driver is also in the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries.
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15 minutes ago because we were here as the fire rekindled around three. you can see flames about 10 feet into the air. firefighters did come back and spray the entire scene with foam to try to reprevent -- to try to prevent flair ups. you can see the couple had a trailer behind the house that caught on fire as well, just massive damage to that as well as a couple neighboring homes also have damage all throughout their yard and actually into their structures as well that firefighters had to take care of. coming up in 30 minutes, you'll hear from the firefighter who was able to rescue the two people inside and how he was able to avoid injury. channel 9, eyewitness news. >> all right. so thank you. right now i'm in the breaking news center following a breaking story out of rowan county. . this restaurant is on jake alexander boulevard at lincolnton county. the fire is fully involved and not under control.
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you can -- from the scene right here. you can see a fire truck and ambulance on the scene. we know that three fire departments are on the scene at this point and lincolnton highway is shut down. someone driving by saw the fire and called authorities. we don't know about any injuries right now. we're also asking how this fire started. our crew just got to the scene and it is working to give us video and new information. i'll bring that to you right here from the breaking news center. right now, channel 9 is following some stories for you day ahead. a judge will sentence this iredell county man today who led deputies on a chase in a stolen dump truck. james call pleaded guilty to several charges last june, however, channel 9 has been following this case since july of 2014. james call was arrested when he stole that dump truck and robbed a worker at a statesville produce stan and led deputies on a chase until he crashed on i-77. investigators say he would not get out of the truck. that triggered a nearly three-hour stand off.
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lieutenant who deputies say was critical in bringing the stand off to an end. lieutenant doyle summers was not a trained negotiator but was a childhood friend with call. summers said he talked to call and eventually helped talk him into giving up peacefully. another story we'll be following, crews will take a major step towards expanding operations at charlotte douglas airport. demolition will begin to expand concourse a. crews will tear down rental car buildings along rental car road. city leaders approve $8 million contract for the expansion calling for 25 new gates and concourse built at the site of the former rental car facility. the first phase will create nine new gates. the entire concourse will take more than three years and 310 million dollars to finish. in just a few hours, the airport's deputy aviation director will discuss the concourse a expansion and discuss other specific changes at airport.
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when he addresses the media at 11:00 a.m.. watch eyewitness news starting at five for complete coverage. a u.s. senator plans to push soon for more leg room and bigger seats on airplanes. yesterday, new york senator chuck schumer announced he will add an amendment to a bill that will reauthorize faa programs. airports have been reducing the leg room saying passengers are more like sardines. they're looking forward to reviewing the proposal once schumer offers it. you might remember a similar effort in the house failed this month. a transportation panel voted against it saying seat size safety is being addressed in the faa reauthorize bill. there is no word yet if senators will have a similar reaction to schumer's proposal. the airline industry doesn't think there is a safety risk in smaller seats and adding more seats reduces ticket prices. we have new information about plans to honor a south carolina police officer killed
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police say jarvis hall shot officer greg alia three miles east of downtown columbia the state newspaper says the state d.o.t. will rename an intersection. hall faces several charges. today's 2016 presidential hopefuls will be spread out in a dozen states across the country hoping to drum up support before super tuesday. >> it is the single biggest day on the primary season. donald trump is expected to clinch several states including georgia and tennessee. he picked up his first endorsement from sitting u.s. senator. they joined trump. this comes days after new jersey governor chris christie announced his support for trump. south carolina governor nikki haley was praising marco rubio for firing back at trump on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is everything we teach our kids not do in kindergarten and i think what we saw from marco was what we tell
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i think he hit back and showed he is willing to lead. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders is looking to gain some support in north carolina ahead of the state's primary which is about two weeks away now. nod the national bernie sanders campaign will open an office in bunkan county after opening an office in durham. supporters hit the streets in asheville holding a rally before marching downtown. >> we're here to win north carolina and we believe that as long as we're able to talk to the voters of north carolina we can win here. >> clinton opened up her firs first office in -- first office in north carolina two weeks ago. she has georgia, tennessee and texas. voters in charlotte will be able to hear from democratic candidates running for seats of the senate and commission. they will hold a public forum
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weather and traffic every ten minutes here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9 and we just had a gorgeous sunday and really looking forward to continuing this weather. >> yeah, i'll enjoy some more great weather today as you can see from this morning's view of the charlotte camera nice and clear picture here. we'll see high clouds off of the mountains. a weak cold front will push into northern tennessee. that will provide a few sprinkles in the high country this morning. here. it really doesn't add up. only in the mountains as everyone else stays dry. mild weather to start out the work week. i don't see any major rain chances in the week ahead. the overall theme will be cooling things down once again. 5:00. let's get you over to mark taylor tracking issues from over sglieth central avenue. police investigating a deadly
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this is central avenue between rose haven and sharon amity. going to be closed at least until 6:00 this morning. we'll continue to monitor this in the traffic center. if you plan a trip in the area, take albemarle road and then independence boulevard instead of central at sharon amity. we'll continue to monitor the roadways and secondary roads. 77 looking good. green conditions from north lake to uptown. nine-minute ride the average speed, right now, 63 miles an hour. john? >> thieves using card skimming devices to steal your information when you use the atm. ahead at 5:45, the changes the bank of america is taking to keep people safe. >> a shooting right outside of a church. >> it was frightening it was scary. >> next this morning, the steps witnesses took before police arrived that may have saved the victim's. >> it is one of the most alarming scams we've ever seen
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>> someone close to you has paid us to kill you. >> action 9 investigates the death threats some people here in charlotte received. >> what they're saying is scary.
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. 5:14 now. i'm in the breaking news center following a breaking news story in salisbury wednesday got a new picture from the scene of this burger king at lincolnton highway and jake alexander boulevard. you can see it is smoke right there and it looks like firefighters putting water on it. we know that six fire companies and mutual aid are there trying to fight the fire. it is a two alarm fire. no injuries reported at this point. lincolnton highway and part of jake alexander are shut down as they're trying it get this under control. a passerby saw the fire and called in for help about 3:45 this morning. we're working right now to give you live pictures from the scene and some new information from a crew that just arrived on the scene as soon as we can. we'll bring it to you from the breaking news center at daybreak. we're asking police if they charged anyone in connection with a road rage incident that led to a shooting in kannapolis.
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on orphanage road yesterday morning. a witness who did not want his face shown says he ran outside when he heard the crash and says he saw one driver approach the other car. he says the guy swung at him and the guy took a shot. a registered nurse grabbed a towel and ran out to help. >> he had taken his shirt off and reached his hand out for the towel that i had and he applied it to his t-shirt where the boy had been shot on the lower left hand side the victim's girlfriend and their son were in the car as well and tried to keep them call. kannapolis police talked to them on the scene. a north carolina man is due to appear in court today for the murders of three people in asheville. griffin is scheduled for a probable cause hearing. grich is accused of killing johnson, king, and diz in october. johnson's body was found inside
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king and diz's bodies were found in the french broad river. this could have been drug related. saudi arabiaa's foreign minister says troops are violating the seize fire brokenered by russia -- bro by russia and u.s.. they getted -- targeted rebels. the united nations is using this time to deliver a much needed aid to syrian families caught in the middle of the violence. new this morning, some of the foods you eat every day could be in jeopardy because of a growing number of species at risk for examination. the united states say nearly 16% of the current pollinators are headed towards extinct yigs. 25% of the food crops depend on pollination by insects and other animals.
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could be affected. new details metro school in uptown charlotte will be open after dozens of students got sick last week. th. at least 70 students were sick. crews cleaned and disinfected the building during the closure. cms advised parents to keep their students at home if they show symptoms like vomiting and die rea. we want to let you know about a road closure in iredell county. according to the partner at the mooresville tribune. they will be closed today. crews will be working on a water line on carpenter avenue. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. another gorgeous day, kind of like the weekend. >> it will be and the winds are kicking up there this morning gusting to around 20 miles an hour in the metro. near 40 in jefferson. that wind all coming out of the west will boost temperatures up well as we head through the day.
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neighborhood from the mountains through charlotte. that wind keeps the temperatures pretty even across the board for most neighborhoods. we're at 51 in the city. same numbers as the high country. we talk about this all of the time. when those numbers are the same, we'll see another warm day ahead. the numbers boosting up already by midday into the middle 60s, we'll see those highs again approaching near 70 this afternoon. here is your timeline for the day ahead. 56 by 9:00. plenty of blue sky. high clouds will spill on through. those mid-60's again at lunch time, we'll top out near 70 today. at least 10 degrees above average for this time of the year. so picture perfect weather is hanging on for the day today. with these mild temperatures rolling in, you may have noticed, yes, we're getting into pollen season now. the mold fairly low but the tree pollen getting closer to the moderate category. the cedar, elm, oak trees are culprits now and it is almost
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season but the potten getting worse. see the futurecast, we get all of the sunshine. in the mountains, a little cloud cover, maybe a sprinkle or two here. a light shower through midday. that will clear out this afternoon. we'll all enjoy beautiful sunshine for the rest of the day ahead. rain chances down today. they spike up tomorrow but that won't be until mainly tomorrow night. i'll show you the timeline in the futurecast for the next half hour. another shot coming in on friday to cap the work week. again, not looking at any big rain chances for the week ahead. staying on top of the weather pattern with the weather app. download it free from the app store and google play and use it to track the rain chances. the five-day forecast with the weekend always in view, we'll keep it in mid to upper 60s. a series of cool downs coming in. 60s on wednesday, mid-50's thursday and friday and no big, big rain chances all weekend. the weekend he did looks pleasant. we're back in the mid-60's again by the time we head out there on sunday. it is five:#20shgs let's get over to mark taylor with
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morning. >> we have a couple of big issues we're monitoring here including central just after or west of sharon amity over towards rosehaven. this is a fatal crash investigated this morning until at least 6:00. we'll see this blocked. this is happening on central just west of sharon amity. if you're headed out in the next couple of minutes, take albemarle road and independence boulevard which is still looking good. no big issues for u.s. 74. up in salisbury where we're monitoring a road closure because of this burger king and right now i can tell you that jake alexander is blocked in both directions right now as well as lincolnton road in the area because of the structure fire. so alternate routes we'll take inis from statesville and main street back down towards 601 as the alternate route. stephanie? it is 5:21. three men are charged with sooting more than 40 shots into a car and building in uptown charlotte during the ciaa tournament.
5:21 am
police responded to and reason several venues had to be shut down. go proceed video captures scary moments for a group of cyclists on a north carolina road. >> every second or third ride, we see somebody do something really dangerous. >> next this morning, the three steps the cyclists are asking drivers to take when they come
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. with warmer weather coming our way. bikes will be on the road in more than numbers which has the cycle community pleading with careful. last week we told you about a crash in johnston county that involved a car and 44 cyclists. look at -- and four cyclists. look at this video. the silver suv tries to pass riders and runs off of the road to avoid another d. >> you know, sometimes it is just that im patience, wanting to get pa. >> no one was hurt in these videos but cyclists want drivers to be alert and to slow down, wait to pass riders on a flat straight way. >> the 88th academy awards
5:25 am
the biggest winners include u spotlight. which won best picture, brie larson won the oscar for best actress and a leading role for room and leonardo dicaprio took home his first oscar, he won best actor for his role in revenant. for the winners head to our website, you'll find them on our home page under trending stories. a husband and wife are dead after this truck ran into a house, hitting a propane tank which exploded. the terrifying moments as a first responder went inside to try to give the couple a fighting chance.
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temperatures across the (phone ringing)you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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answer the call al . channel 9 is following multiple stories from the breaking news center this morning. two people inside a cleveland county home when a truck hit is triggering several explosions, we're learning they died. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live at the scene with more from the firefighter who a
5:29 am
believe out of the house -- get the couple out of the house. i'm in the breaking news center with a look at a vehicle that may be involved in a hit-and-run. you can see the massive front end damage we showed you in front of green briar apartments on teal point drive. there it is right there. that is around the corner from where police found that victim. we want to give you live pictures. this is central avenue blocked at north sharon amity road. police are in the process of clearing the scene right now. let's go to traffic team 9's mark taylor for alternate routes until this is cleared. >> folks, this is blocked in both direction west of sharon amity headed towards rosehaven. take albemarle road from central avenue and independence boulevard or jump back on eastway drive as an alternate route. this will take a couple of extra minutes and we'll let you know when this road completely reopens. >> thanks for joining us this morning, i'm stephanie maxwell. >> and i'm john paul. let's check your forecast.
5:30 am
severe weather center 9 with a look at what we're dealing with today. >> pleasant weather still here from the weekend. we have the mild weather, the sunshine, bit of a breeze which you can see this morning, we're flying out here into the speedway. you can see the flag flapping around quickly this morning. the winds are gusty keeping us very warm. look at the numbers around the metro. the speed is around 52 in concord. 51 charlotte douglas. 50 toward gastonia and belmont. 40 on the map in waxhaw at 48 and we'll all enjoy another significant warm up today. here is your timeline, great day for lunch how did. yes, it will be breezy from time to time at five but pleasant. we'll show you how strong the winds will be coming up and how much more of a cool down is coming your way later this week. i'm in the breaking news center following a big restaurant fire in salisbury. we have live pictures we got from your skeevenlt this is the burger king at lincolnton highway -- from your screen.
5:31 am
you can see smoke here and they're pouring water into the roof to try to get this fire under control. we do know six fire krp companies from salisbury and mutual aid on the scene. we can tell you part of jake alexander are shut down. a patter by saw the flames at 3:45 this morning and gep, you can see firefighters trying to get this fire under control. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you can see a bit of flames from the building but you can see they're putting a lot of water on that trying to get that under control. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you more pictures here on daybreak. we're following breaking news in cleveland county. in the last 15 minutes we learned the two people seriously hurt when a crash caused their home to explode here, they've died. eyewitness news reporter joe bruno is live at the scene with exclusive interview from firefighters who pulled that
5:32 am
joe, what are they saying this morning? >>reporter: they wanted to give the couple a fighting chance but in the past 15 minutes i learned the husband and wife died in the hospitalminutes apart. it is all because troopers say this truck lost control. the driver who was in it lost control and went right into their house causing multiple propane tanks to explode. there was nothing left of the home. the damage even spread to neighboring homes and a trailer that was in the backyard. firefighters came out to the scene once again two hours ago when the fire rekindled. the husband and wife six minutes apart in the hospital. the firefighter who rescued them didn't want his face shown but he says he did all he could to give them a chance to live. . >> we didn't sustain any injury from it.
5:33 am
we were in the right place at the right. >> the driver is also in the hospital right now. we're told he has nonlife threatening injuries. they will be charging the driver at some point today. it is just unclear what his charges will be now that we know that the husband and wife did die adds a result of this crash -- as a result of this crash. what the driver did before he lost control that may have played a role into this crash. reporting live in fallston, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> if you want to look at the incredible damage video, go to our website, we have posted a slide show on our home page of this morning, a man is recovering at cmc after falling nearly 30 feet at crowders mountain. channel 9 brought you this story as breaking news last night on eyewitness news at six. state park officials tell us the man fell yesterday afternoon while he was trying to take a picture at one of the highest points of the mountain. >> they were not bouldering or doing anything technical.
5:34 am
on the rocks trying to get photographs. >> the man was air lifted to cmc in charlotte with serious injuries but rangers say he was alert when emergency crews got there. channel 9 covered several falls at crowder's mountain as thousands of people come through the park every day. stephanie anderson, a mother of three, was hiking with her family when she slipped and fell to her death. investigators say she was trying to take a picture at the time. hikers say the area needs guard rails to help with the safety there. park rangers told us yesterday they want to remind people to be aware of their surroundings when they visit. >> police in page land are looking for an armed robber who hit a cvs over the weekend. these surveillance pictures off west mcgregor. the suspect holding a gun. police say he forceth store manager to open a pharmacy safe and hand over oxycodone. no one was hurt.
5:35 am
court accused of firing nearly 50 shots into cars at an uptown hotel lobby. >> they were arrested shortly after the shooting. this happened at the hyatt hotel on south caldwell street. one suspect had a pistol and ak-47 when they arrested them. the men were from out of town, here in charlotte for the ciaa events. some say the city should rethink another tournament. >> this is outlandish. it needs to be reviewed and see if this is the kind of thing we want in charlotte. >> we reached out to the mayor about safety concerns associated with the tournament. we have not heard back. this morning, we're asking police about a possible motive here. city leaders say several venues were shut down over ciaa weekend because of code violations. cmpd arrested nine people. three were assault, some were alcohol related. the fire department is expected to release specific numbers and information on the venues closed.
5:36 am
this story for you and bring you any new information on-air and online at i'm in the breaking news center with an update to the hit-and-run in east charlotte. investigators think they found the vehicle. let's get over to angela hong. >>reporter: i drove maybe a quarter mile away from the fatal hit-and-run accident to the teal point and green briar apartments and this is what i found. the silver honda odyssey with heavy, heavy front end damage. you can see the glass has broken through. the bumper is falling off and front, right corner is heavily damaged. police confirmed with me, they believe this is the car involved in that fatal hit-and-run on central avenue and we'll have a live look at that scene right now. police tell me they're working on clearing that scene around 2:30. they believe that the driver of
5:37 am
or who was walking along central avenue. that person then died. it is a male victim. we're told, right now, police say they do not have a suspect under arrest. they'll process the scene and tow this car away within the next hour or so, no one has been arrested for this crime. we are going to stay on top of the crime scene here and bring you any updates we have. reporting live in east charlotte. angela hong, channel 9, eyewitness news. this week, cms will hear from parents about next year's budget. the district is hold the first of six community meetings to talk to parents and district employees about the spending priorities. it swechlt night from 6 to 7:30. on strawberry lane. earlier this month, we told you some mecklenburg county commissioners think the school board is requesting unrealistic amounts of money. members of the school board say they're responding to the needs of students and are careful about how they spend those dollars. new this morning, south carolina lawmakers have set
5:38 am
school employees to carry guns on campus. a house member proposed that bill because some rural schools can't afford a police officer. the proposal called for two weeks of training which law enforcement said is not enough. teachers asked lawmakers to wait for a school report on school safety. jimmie johnson heads to las vegas for the cobalt 400 race but he is celebrating a monumental win in atlanta yesterday. he picked up the win in overtime under caution at the folds of honor quick trip 500. it wasn't until he got the win that he realized he just tied with legendary dale earnhardt for 7th on the all time wins list. johnson stuck his arm out of the car on the victory lap and held up three fingers in honor of the late earnardt. detail junior came in -- dale junior came in second. he talked about his new connection to earna>> there is a
5:39 am
career that i was never able to race with him. >> kyle busch came in 3rd. his 18-car failed a post qualification inspection. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes. here is meteorologist keith monday looking at temperatures that will surge. >> there is a cold front coming through he did of that, there are sprinkles coming through the mountains. it is about the extent of what we'll see for a rain chance and this will be in the morning. that will dry up quickly. it is mild out there with temperatures starting out in the low 50s. the mild air spreading up the east coast. look out here in the upper midwest. a big plunge of late winter air. two degrees up at international falls. we won't get that cold heading through this week but the cold front will start to spill in changes through this week. temperatures are going to start to go down. we'll show you how far we fall down the scale in a moment. let's get you back on the roads for this morning. 20 minutes until six, the latest on traffic breaking news, snashg. >> we had earlier issues -- mark? >> we had earlier issues on
5:40 am
for a good part of the morning because of a fatal hit-and-run accident. all travel lanes are open. so if that is part of your commute, you're able to take central and sharon amity. i'm monitoring the burger king fire in salisbury and jake alexander is completely blocked as fire teams work to take this. this is on lincolnton road. alternate routes, head downtown through salisbury. take jack alexander as an alternate route around it. police released dash cam video of a woman leading them through a high speed chase through myrtle beach. the original charge they tried to arrest her for and the way they brought this chase to an. >> banks are making changes to keep you from being victims of card skimmers the checks you should make before you inspect your card. >> this rowan county man wungs
5:41 am
to an army ranger. now he is convicted of trying to join isis and help terrorists. donald ray morgan is speaking from behind bars. >> i consider myself to be part of the islamic state. >> a local professor who says he
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
the first time, . 5:45 now. we continue to follow multiple breaking news stories from the breaking news center this morning. take a look at this video we got in from the photographer on the scene. this is a burger king in salisbury that caught fire. look at the fire shooting through the roof from this video here. this video was taken about 20 minutes ago. this is at burger king at jake alexander boulevard at lincolnton highway. six fire companies are on the scene trying to fight that fire. we're asking what started it this morning. police in mount holly have not made any arrests yet after a deadly weekend shooting. they say someone shot the victim at a party on lanier avenue. other people at the party took him to the hospital where he later tied. the home owners hosted parties all weekend. police have not released any
5:45 am
thieves cross the country are using skimming devices to get your credit and debit card information and now banks are fighting back. bank of america is rolling out the first cardless atm this week and citibank is looking at using iris scan technology to keep you safe. skimming devices can collect your information in an instant. there is one thing you should always do before you swipe your card. this piece rights here fits right over the card reader you see. if you pull on and it it wiggles. don't touch it. >> authorities say keep an eye out for tiny holes near the key pad that can hide a camera to capture your pin number. we gave you steps on what to do if you think there is a skimmer. watch the video on here is meteorologist keith monday in severe weather center 9. >> last day of february and it
5:46 am
the weekend. we're at 50 degrees for every neighborhood through the mountains and charlotte and south. the coldest spot on the map if you can call it that. it is in rockingham this morning, you're at 47. . everyone is warming up quickly. middle 60s by lunch time. we'll see highs approaching 70 here in charlotte, around 68, 69, a few 70s far southeast. a bit cooler in the mountains today but everybody enjoys temperatures running well above average. it is very breezy, winds are gusting near 40 to 50 still in the mountains to start out the day today. we've had winds gusting to 20 in charlotte and throughout the afternoon, about a 10 to 15 miles an hour winds. the mountain winds will relax. seat red shading disappeared toward the afternoon. it will ease up in the mountains. you may find a few sprinkles this morning. quick chance for light rain early. it won't add up to much at all. we'll have more sunshine in the mountains throughout day. i'll show you that in the
5:47 am
half hour. we're around 70 in chester, a few high clouds building through but it will be a beautiful day, spring preview like weather still holding on here as we begin our week. now tomorrow morning, the clouds are beginning to build in from the west. i believe the futurecast is too aggressive bringing spotty showers but by 6:00, you see the chance for a downpour to the west, a brief thunder rumble coming through with this. that will sweep through tomorrow night as it falls apart through charlotte and as the rain reorganized east of the mountains it reorganized well to our east. we'll get the sunshine back in wednesday afternoon so it is a quick chance for rain and we'll dry things out through middle of the week wednesday cool things down near 70 for today. close to the mark for tomorrow april head of the rain chance, only 60 wednesday and we're back down into the low to mid-50's by the end of the week. things will change temperature wise for sure. the five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. an evening rain dhans chance tomorrow, long gone early on
5:48 am
we'll have the sun back wednesday afternoon and 60. 50s for the end of the week. another quick rain chance coming in friday and all dry for the weekend preview. 58 saturday. 65 on sunday. the latest current conditions, outlook for a forecast and interactive radaria and all of the features on our weather app. >> not a bad forecast for us this week. >> not bad at all. nice to see the little spring previews coming in. of course, the pollen is coming in with that. >> oh, yeah. >> i've been sneezing over here. >> yeah, thanks, keith. we have weather and traffic every ten minutes on eyewitness news daybreak. here is traffic team 9's mark taylor. >> we continue to monitor that structure fire. it was on fire. it looks like it is contained in salisbury. jake alexander is blked in both directions for folks headed through the area. it is north of 150 through lincolnton roads. if you're headed through the area head into town including
5:49 am
towards 29 back to 601 as the alternate route. we'll let you know when it reopens. back in charlotte. looking down in south side. 77 and tyvola road northbound. traffic is starting to pick up as we head closer towards the 6:00-hour. coming from york county, no big issues, accidents or delays. the price of prescription drug seas on the rise, doubling in just the last decade. new at 6:30, the factors behind the jump and the group getting hit the hardest.
5:50 am
>> we'll lea hey, guys! if weekly groceryshopping at other stores is taking a big bite out ofyour budget, just look at these savings atyour local walmart. charlotte the total amountsaved at walmart vs bi-lo was $27.02 on this week'sgroceries - that's 20%. why shop anywhereelse? try shopping at walmart. walmart's every day low pricesmake shopping quick and easy because you'll find low priceson great products every day. start shopping with walmart'severy day low prices today.
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5:52 am
. counties across south carolina are slow to spend state money on road projects. the state news paefrp reports they've only used $4 million of 216 million allocated for last year's budget. 22 counties have not each submitted plans to the d.o.t.. they're still solidifying plans they need the money for.
5:53 am
$250 million for this year's budget. work continues on roosevelt road. crews will demolish the walk way, add benches through the the area. the work is expected to wrap up in may. staying warm again today. >> very mild and beautiful weather around to start week. the only minor change is up in the mountains. they'll see a few light showers this morning. that will push through here this afternoon. we'll still be around 70. but you may find more clouds in the high country and a light shower to start out. ahead at 6:00 a.m.. we'll show you the futurecast kwhoshgs sees not rain chances throughout the week as we -- who sees the most rain chances throughout the week as our temperatures aren't spring like for long. time is 5:44. let's head over to mark taylor following -- 5:54. let's head over to mark taylor
5:54 am
>> near briar creek. earlier on central avenue. it was closed this morning from earlier hit-and-run fatal crash. that is now open. central near sharon amity. we're at a 13-minute ride out of mint hill at 49 miles an hour. if you're coming out of the matthews, 53 miles an hour. that is a 12-minute ride and i'm updating issues and incidents as they come and go in real time. you get the updates on twitter. follow me @trafficteam9. stay with eyewitness news daybreak through the 6:00-hour as we continue breaking news coverage in three counties. >> right now we have the only crew in rowan county at this fire in burger king on jake alexander boulevard. the questions we're asking firefighters about how it started. .
5:55 am
after a driver struck their home. what the driver struck that caused the home to ex. >> i'm angela hong live at scene charlotte. police believe they found the car involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident on central avenue. coming up next, i'll tell you
5:56 am
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from classic to contemporary, havertys. have . we're following several breaking news stories for you this morning. a car crashed into a home causing an explosion that killed a couple and left a massive pile of debris here. you can see burning, it spread
5:59 am
neighborhood and in salz beary. crews are battling a big fire, this at a burger king there. officers are searching for a man who crashed into a man. we're following all of these stories. thank you for joining us, i'm john ahrens. >> i'm stephanie maxwell. keith monday is in severe weather center 9 with our first weather. it is a great forecast for the day, keith. sdwl it is beautiful this -- >> it is beautiful this morning. very windy and not the extreme winds we had last week but a wind gust to around 21 miles an hour at charlotte. at times gusting over 40 in the mountains. the window out of the southwest is helping to boost the temperatures. we're still around 50 this morning. 51 in charlotte, even in the mountains we're around 50 degrees to start day today. spring preview from over the weekend, it surely continues. you may have to hang onto the wheel tightly if you're driving
6:00 am
lots of sunshine in place today and we'll hover around 70 later this afternoon. not too shabby. here on the next few moments i'll talk about the chance, maybe a few sprinkles to start the day today and how the rain chances will pick up in a few spots as we head through the rest of this week. the time is 6:00. let's get over to mark taylor and see where we have alternate routes this morning. >> we'll continue to monitor the truck fire that has jake alexander blocked in both directions. this is north of 150. there are multiple ways to get around it. statesville industry. main street back towards jake allewander as the alternate route. -- jake alexander as the alternate route. heading towards china grove. traffic is moving right along at 68 miles an hour. now, live in the north charlotte, this is on i-85 near 485 heading towards the university area. traffic is building, especially in the southbound lanes.


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